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ExecData Creates Databases for the Rest of Us!

ExecData creates databases for small businesses, organizations, or even personal use. This puts the power of large business information utilization in the hands of everyone. ExecData focuses on simple database designs that store volumes of information. These databases are designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer. But ExecData is also capable of designing online databases for use across multiple devices and environments. ExecData uses Microsoft Access for developing the desktop versions and PHP programming with MySQL databases for online versions.

We specialize in creating databases that are easily used by the customer and their designated agents. ExecData creates individual and unique screens for each section that inputs data or creates needed reports. This approach focuses the user to the task at hand and improves reliability of data. We use simple straight forward common language in help menus and instructions. This allows the user to easily begin productive work when initially opening your customized database program.

We can and do import many large text or Excel files directly into the new database. We have also retrieved online files and imported them into customized databases. This lets the customer begin using their information immediately without having to rebuild the information from scratch.

Databases, not Spreadsheets!

ExecData creates databases, including relational databases, for your use. It does not create information storage programs using spreadsheets programs such as Excel. Spread sheet programs are designed to answer the question, “What If?” Database programs are designed to answer the question, “What is.” Spreadsheet programs are capable of handling many of the database functions. However, they are woefully inadequate in storing large amounts of data, accessing it over multiple tables, and creating the report you need. ExecData provides databases based on database programming to provide the answers you need to manage your organization’s information.


ExecData has created numerous database programs over the years. Political parties have requested programs to parse recent voter information and trends. Property management companies have used ExecData programs to track residents, owners, pets, and property. ExecData has also developed award winning database programs that track personal health records.

If you are ready to move to a database program, contact us at ExecData. Prices vary according to size and type of database. But many databases have been created for as little as $400.00. So contact us now and let’s begin.

Contact Us for More Information!

You can contact us by email at
Or by telephone at 386-225-3377
Or by regular mail at 21 Prince Kaarel Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32164