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ExecData builds customized websites for personal use, social organizations, or small businesses. If needed ExecData can even obtain personalized domain names and host the site on our servers.
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ExecData’s niche is providing cost saving websites for those individuals and organizations that need a presence on the Internet but have limited funds, technical expertise, and time to maintain the site. We know that it can be hard to understand, build, and maintain a website, even on the “free” sites. There are just too many restrictions and requirements on these sites that are difficult for the technically challenged to understand. ExecData provides a standalone website just for you with its own domain name and even the ability to have its own customized email address.

Stationary, Dynamic, or Blogs. Oh My!

Just understanding what you may need can be a little intimidating when creating a website. ExecData works with you to make sure you get what you need and understand what you get. Many of our clients just want a presence on the Web. They don’t intend to change anything on the site or interact with those that look at the site. Basically it is an information site, a billboard on the web. These are stationary sites and might be just what you need.

Grant Nelson Artist Webpage Link Blog site with Regular Customer Postings
Others may want a site that interacts with those that come to the site. They want to sell things on the site and will need an online shopping catalog and even a payment system. Or they want to take donations and register people. These are called dynamic sites. Basically once the site is set up it interacts with the visitors. Some need little care after the site is set up, others need constant updates. This is where blogs can come in.

Blog sites are sites where the owner of the site can make constant updates to the site. They can change pictures, add inventory, or just post new comments. It is a dynamic site. But once the owner learns to use the site, it does not need ExecData to make any needed changes. The owner is in complete control. Blog sites have similarities to Facebook, but they are not Facebook sites.

Why a Website? Doesn’t Facebook Handle It All?

Believe it or not there is a difference between a website and Facebook. In actuality Facebook is a website and your place inside Facebook is just a webpage. This is why your Facebook account cannot have a domain name that does not have the words Facebook in the address. (Like Also Facebook is a social networking website. This means that it is designed for constant updates and interactions. Facebook is not just a presence in the World Wide Web firmament, it demands constant attention. This could be a problem if you don’t have sufficient time or volunteers capable of meeting Facebook’s interaction requirements. Finally a Facebook profile page requires someone to be a member of Facebook to see your personal Facebook page. You can create a “Page” in Facebook that can be seen by anyone on the Internet, but that page still has to be made through a personal Facebook profile page. A personal, social organization, or small business website avoids all of these pitfalls.

If you think you could use more information or just want to begin contact us. We will work with you to get you online quickly. And many of our sites are set up for $250.00 or less, including hosting and domain name! So contact us now!

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