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The iMRS and iPHER Medical Record Solution

The Integrated Medical Record System (iMRS - pronounced “immerse”) was developed to resolve local physician technology compliance problems. iMRS is not one product but a package of products, programs, and services to meet all needs of HIT in local healthcare offices. iMRS will provide hardware, software, training, support and even financing in an ongoing, long term solution to relieve medical professionals from the burden of maintaining and implementing HIT. iMRS will provide a complete turnkey integrated medical record system on all levels of HIT with information technology (IT) professionals as a principal foundation of the program. In essence these healthcare providers will use ExecData, Inc as their IT operations center.

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Dr. Douglas Courtney on iMRS
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An independent personal health electronic record (iPHER- pronounced “eye-fer”) program and device will also be provided through iMRS. Internal records will remain internal to the office, with backup servers available through ExecData. The iPHER will be integrated with each program to extend the personal medical records to the patient.

ExecData will provide continuous training for all personnel and support the system for the duration of the subscription. The need for high compensated technology personnel will be eliminated as ExecData provides complete backup, maintenance, and support for the HIT equipment through its own IT staff. Onsite service calls, hardware replacement or software upgrades will all be included in the iMRS package creating a fixed IT cost easily budgeted by the smaller medical care groups. iMRS will be networked to the state HIE system through ExecData. This will create compliance with state directives without the need for expensive server personnel or hardware.

iMRS will not only meet the needs and obligations of the medical community, but provide a benefit of reducing medical costs and improved care for the patient as well as the physician. ExecData will have the healthcare professionals that use iMRS meet all federal requirements of “measurable use” not only as an obligation but as an indispensable, common, everyday part of their practice.

The iPHER is the individual’s component of the HIT system. All systems, including the iMRS are only as good as the electricity and Internet system that supports them. In the event of a disaster, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms or government emergency the electricity will not function or only be intermittent. The iMRS as well as state and federal online systems will be useless. The iPHER answers this problem. By backing up all information on the iPHER, a patient will never be without their medical records. All a first responder will need is a battery powered laptop, tablet, or other computer device and all of the individual medical records will be available.

The iPHER is independent of, but works with the iMRS system. iPHER updates, new medical records, and even X-rays or video imaging can all be uploaded to the iPHER from the iMRS system. iPHER even works with the online website to ensure all records are updated online and in the iPHER. This creates a complete medical record system for the patient that can be accessed anywhere at any time and in any emergency.

The iPHER will also allow medical records to be used internationally whether on a business trip or for pleasure. The iPHER is the patient’s medical records under the patient’s control and command. The patient will not be dependent on one physician, hospital or medical region for their records, where the patient goes so does his records. It makes the patient independent of the physician and the system the physician relies upon. The iPHER fills a large hole in the state and federal government’s health information exchange and answers their question of what to do when the system is down.

The iMRS and iPHER systems create a complete HIT system for doctors, nurses, patients, and medical facilities. Each system can be used independently, but together creates a powerful combination for healthcare and profit.