ExecData offers seminars, training sessions, classes, and personal instruction in general computer and specific software use.  The business model for the Information Technology business is always to move towards the newest design and latest innovation.   While the business model may make great profits for the IT industry, too often this model leaves the majority of the workforce and general population unable to use the programs they have already developed. 

ExecData responds to this need by providing instruction on how to effectively use these programs. Instructions are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access as well as a host of other programs.  This includes Facebook, Facebook for Business, and other social networks.  ExecData also explains social networking, Internet Advertising, and cell phones.  The instructions can be geared for businesses or individuals.

Check for upcoming ExecData seminars, training sessions, and/or classrooms in the listings.  Seminars are designed for a single morning or afternoon session of up to 4 hours.  They provide a general overview of the program or process in order to get you, your family and friends, or even your company up and running quickly.  Training sessions have fewer attendees and allow for more intense discussion of the programs and processes.  Class instructions has even fewer attendees and more personalized service.  Personal instruction is always available by appointment and we move at your pace.

Choose an upcoming seminar, training session, or class and click on the link to purchase and reserve your space.  Spaces are limited, even in seminars, so book quickly before your choice is no longer available.  Payment is by VISA or MasterCard as well as a few other credit card choices. You may even pay by electronic check.  The payments are run through PayPal for the best Internet payment security.  We do not keep any personal financial information.  If you do have a PayPal account feel free to use it to reserve your space. 

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ExecData Event Listing

May-June, 2015
Facebook for Business Seminar

This is 2 weeknight sessions scheduled for 2 hours each session dedicated to helping businesses get set up and moving in Facebook. It covers the building of a business Facebook page, the care and maintenance of the page, and how to use the page to build business and profits for your large or small business. The Seminar will be held at Palm Coast, Florida Community Center. (Directions below)
This seminar does not require computers for learning purposes. Therefore none will be provided. However, attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops, tablets, or cell phones for better understanding and to work along with the presentation. The community center does provide free wireless connectivity for your devices.
Time scheduled will be in the evening.. Click on the link to register yourself and your friends now!
(To register more than one person add to the quantity in the payment screen and click on update. Or you may register each one individually by returning to this screen after each seperate registration and payment.)