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Welcome to ExecData, Inc.
ExecData is an Information Technology (IT) company created by Dr. Douglas Courtney. ExecData areas of interest are diverse, but rooted in the understanding that IT is and will continue to be an integral part of everyday life. It is also ExecData's understanding that the exponential growth of IT does not necessarily include the education, training, learning, and everyday use of IT products. Therefore, there is a large market of small business and everyday individuals in the development of IT products that are easily understood, used, and supported by thier developers. There is also a large market in the training of individuals and business personnel on the IT programs that are not as easily understood and used as expected. In this understanding ExecData has invented, created, and developed IT programs and products for small businesses and individuals. Included in these products are ExecData's exclusive medical software services IMRS and IPHER.  Execdata also has hands on seminars that teach individuals and businesses how to use everyday IT programs or unique industry centric IT programs. Click on one of the above tiles of your choosing to find out more about the products and services offered by ExecData. ExecData, where we make data available and understandable for your and your businesses' executive decisions.

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Or by regular mail at 21 Prince Kaarel Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32164